30 January 2017


I'm writing this post at 00:35AM on a Monday morning, feeling the urge to reconnect.

I've had this little blog for over three years and with that, a lot has happened. I've been able to share so many incredible experiences with you through this little blog, from my first Beyonce concert down in Dublin, to all the sweet family outings and picnics over the summers. I never for one second thought that when I clicked on 'Create Account for Blogger' that anyone would even bother reading what I had to say.

25 November 2016

Belfast Christmas Market

There are many things I love about this time of Year: The Crunchy leaves, the frosty morning and the bowls of soup you need after being out all day.

One of my favourite events at this time of Year is the Belfast Continental Christmas Market, which is held at Belfast City Hall. Food and craft makers come from all over Europe to show the best food and drink from their country.

First stop - The hot chocolate stand. I got the Italian; Hot Chocolate with Amaretto which was delish!

30 September 2016

Bills, Chiswick | London Loves

I've heard so much about Bills, being a YouTube-lover so when it popped up on Deliveroo, as being nearby, we decided to quick-tail it across town to try it out. Needless to say, we were not disappointed!

23 September 2016

Being a Tourist... | London Loves

London is one of my favourite places.
The contrast of the metropolitan areas, mixed with the older architecture is so beautiful and very iconic. I've been to London a few times but never have been to the more well-known attractions. That was, until recently..

Our first stop was Chiswick House and Gardens!

14 September 2016

Eats: London

I love food. Ever since I can remember, my Granny and I made Apple Pies.
She's taught me everything I know, and to this Day she still can't help but add her two cents worth when I'm cooking!

London is a food-lovers dream so when I recently visited safe to say, I was in Food Heaven! Here's a few of my Favourites eats, when I was there..

5 August 2016

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

This Week, I've been making big decisions.
With that, I naturally tend to reflect on everything up until now - I wanted to share with you a few Photos I found recently of me growing up!