5 August 2016

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

This Week, I've been making big decisions.
With that, I naturally tend to reflect on everything up until now - I wanted to share with you a few Photos I found recently of me growing up!

My Granny and I!
 My first Christmas! (9 Months!)
Halloween Aged 3
At one of my Irish Dancing Competitions!

If you want to see more of these embarrassing Photos, you can check out the Video on my Channel where I read out segments of my old Diary!

What's your favourite memory from growing up?

29 July 2016

Benefit Beauty Loves

When I think of Benefit, I think Quirky. Their Packaging is always so different and the products match on quality. I've recently started going to benefit to get my Brows waxed and tinted - It's pretty much changed my Life! When in, I decided to pick up a few newbie products and a couple of old favourites.

Let's start with the base - Foundation. Every girl needs a good foundation and the Hello Flawless certainly lives up to the name. It's a really nice medium coverage yellow-toned foundation which is perfect for everyday but is extremely buildable! It's great for combination Skin as it's Oil-Free, as well as having an SPF included in the formula.

A old favourite of mine is the Brow Zings. It comes with a shadow for filling in the brows, a wax for setting, two mini Brushes to give definition and a mini Tweezer - All in one compact lil' Case! If you like your Brows defined, this Kit is for you!

The last three products, are all pretty new to Benefit and are firm favourites already! The 'Cha Cha' Tint is a Lip and Cheek stain, which is a gorgeous warm coral shade. It drys fairly matte and isn't as scary as it looks like on the brush! It's actually quite a muted coral - Perfect for everyday!

'Fake Up' is a brightening concealer for the undereye area. It's completely different from any other product. As you can see, it consists of two rings - A hydrating Balm and the brightening concealer itself. They work incredibly well together and really do help brighten and conceal.

Last but certainly not least, we have 'Shy Beam' which is my favourite product. It's a gorgeous pink-toned liquid highlighter which is perfect for pale-skinned gals as it's not shimmery at all. It gives a really beautiful glow to the skin without you feeling like a Disco Ball! If you like the dewy look, you'll love this!

These are a few of my recent favourites from Benefit! Have you tried any of Benefit's products?

Love Always, Amy x

22 July 2016

The Best Weekend of my Life | Seeing Beyonce Live

Dublin is a City that steals my Heart everytime I visit.
I've been there countless times and every single time, I leave feeling content.

I recently travelled down to see Beyonce at Croke Park - I've seen her live three times and this was by far, the best. We decided to get the train down a few Days earlier and make a weekend out of it! Once we arrived, we checked-in to our Hotel and about twenty minutes later, left again for Dublin Zoo!

15 July 2016

New In from L'Oreal

L'Oreal was one of the first brands I truly got into when I discovered the YouTube Beauty World/Blogosphere. It's a brand that I always seem to gravitate back to, ever since I fell completely head over heels for their 'Superliner' Gel Eyeliner! I hadn't been to one of their counters in ages - That was, until recently..

8 July 2016

Zoella Beauty | Sweet Inspirations

Zoe Sugg was the first person I ever subscribed to on YouTube.
Fast forward three Years later and I'm still a loyal viewer/reader of hers. When Zoe announced her beauty brand over a Year ago, the blogosphere went crazy!

For Bloggers, reviewing and talking about products from different Brands and companies, is the norm. Reviewing products that a fellow Blogger has created, however, is completely surreal!

1 July 2016

A Month in Pictures | June


Last Month was one of the busiest, but best Months of 2016 so far! It's featured a lot of big life decisions that I finally feel 100% happy with - Yes, I'm one of those indecisive people! I filled in endless Application Forms for Drivers licenses, Media Courses, Jobs and everything inbetween. 

Along with the Life/Admin joys, I spent lots of time reconnecting with old friends and making new ones from going to the Cinema, birthday dinners and even a Spa Day! I feel really happy with the people I'm surrounded with right now. They're pretty amazing!

June has been awesome and to celebrate that, here's a few pics that I managed to snap throughout the Month!